Cookies Policy


Cookies are small text files that are stored in the user's browser when they visit a website. The information stored on the user's computer may contain information such as the pages visited, the date and time of the visit, as well as a random and unique identification number. By using cookies, the site can store useful information about the user's browsing on it, as well as to read this information in order to offer the user a unified browsing experience. More information about the general use of cookies, as well as methods of blocking or limiting them, can be found on the websites and

Why we use cookies

Our website uses cookies for the best and personalized experience of our visitors, without storing identifiable information about them. With the use of cookies (Google Analytics cookies) we can know the number of visitors and monitor the traffic of our site pages. Thus, we improve the content and adapt our website to the preferences of our visitors.

Disable cookies

In case you do not wish to use cookies, you can block their creation by referring to the settings of your browser.